For the past few years, a floral designer has been tasked with creating beautiful, floral arrangements for weddings that are filled with blushes, silver dollar eucalyptus, and BHLDN inspired flower crowns. Bridal bouquets focused on the organic, wildflower look of having just been picked from the garden, but with plenty of drama. With the start of 2018 we will see some of these gorgeous wedding trends stick around a bit longer, and others will be replaced by new wedding flower trends. Not only are bridal bouquets getting a makeover, but boutonnieres and flower crowns are also going to be changing in 2018.  

Move aside millennial pink, bright, vibrant pops of colors are making a comeback in 2018. The Pantone Color Institute announced late last year that the 2018 color of the year is ultra-violet! Ultra-violet has been described by the Pantone Color Institute as, symbolizing “experimentation and non-conformity, spurring individuals to image their unique mark on the world, and push boundaries through creative outlets.”. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that traditional styled bouquets of years past are being replaced by more dramatic , and organic, that cascade along the side the bride, to add in a bit more “wow” factor.

Brides-to-be perusing the internet or Pinterest might have discovered that flower crowns have been the “in thing” to do for a while now. But now, these large floral headpieces are being replaced with daintier flower tiaras, that add a lighter touch of femininity. Another trend that is making its debut is floral jewelry—statement floral necklaces to intricate flower bracelets, flowers are being creatively integrated into weddings as brides enjoy wearing their living works of art even more.

Don’t forget about the boutonnieres when planning the flowers for your wedding party. A floral designer can help to create a unique boutonniere that is a unique style to complement your design aesthetic. The latest trends include the use of unique textures, like speciality ribbons and hardware combined with exotic flowers to create one-of-a-kind boutonnieres, while still complementing the bridal bouquets. Want a way to make your boutonnieres even more special? Use an everyday item wrapped into your guys blooms and your guests are sure to be wowed by the creativity and originality.

Another floral trend to keep your eye on in 2018 is the use of large floral arrangements that can be multipurposed. Large floral arrangements are being used during the wedding ceremony and as decorations during the cocktail hour and reception. This not only can save you some hard-earned money, but it can also give the bride a little extra to splurge on her own bouquet, or give that table centerpiece that extra little hint of something that defines you!

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