Planning a wedding takes a lot of time—between meeting with and booking various vendors, and deciding on every aspect of your wedding, including décor, couples can start to feel overwhelmed. It is not unusual for couples to spend hours working out every detail for their wedding. Luckily, couples don’t have to take on the challenge of planning the perfect wedding all by themselves, investing in wedding coordination can make planning easier and less stressful. Whether you are swamped with other obligations that consume your time or you are feeling overwhelmed with the number of decisions that need to be made, hiring a wedding planner who has lots of experience in planning dream weddings can alleviate the stress you might be feeling. Additionally, hiring a professional can make the process of planning your wedding more enjoyable and easier for you and your fiancé to navigate. Here are seven advantages to hiring a professional wedding planner to help plan your dream wedding!

  • Take on Some of the Responsibilities

Wedding related tasks are sure to consume a large amount of your free time outside of your work and social commitments. Depending on what else you are responsible for, you might feel as though you do not have any extra time to spare for wedding planning, which is where having a wedding planner can prove to be a valuable asset. Your wedding planner will be able to schedule appointments, deal with various vendors, and handle all of the little things that come up during planning.

  • Help with Budgeting and Scheduling

Most couples establish a budget and timeline for their wedding that they want to strictly adhere to. Your wedding planner can help to ensure that you get the most out of your budget, will crunch the numbers, and strike deals with vendors all to help you get the wedding of your dreams while staying on budget. Additionally, they will be able to keep things on schedule, ensuring that everything gets crossed off your to-do list on time without compromising the schedule you’ve pre-established.

  • Valuable Insider Knowledge

Wedding planners are constantly planning weddings; therefore, they know who the best florist, photographers, hair stylists, and other vendors are in your area. You can confidently ask them for recommendations on vendors, which can save you time from having to do all the research yourself. Furthermore, because wedding planners are continually working with vendors, they can potentially negotiate deals with vendors that you would otherwise not be privy to.

  • Communicate with Vendors

When you select a vendor, that means there will be a lot of paperwork and contracts that you’ll need to go through and sign. A wedding planner is experienced in reading through various contracts and understands the fine print found within. They will be able to maintain communication with each vendor and can work through any potential issues that may arise during the planning process.

  • Be Advised on New Ideas

Most brides-to-be will spend countless hours perusing numerous wedding magazines and websites to gather ideas, and find inspiration for their own wedding. A wedding planner will be able to give brides ideas that are both original and brilliant, and that coordinate with your theme and style of the wedding. Many of the ideas that you will be presented with by your wedding planner can’t be found online, so you will quickly discover that they are a valuable addition to your wedding planning team!

  • Offer Advice and Solutions

A seasoned wedding planner has seen just about every situation in which a bride-to-be is going to need advice on how to handle it. Whether it be a disagreement between the mother-of-the-bride and the mother-in-law or determining an acceptable amount to ask bridesmaids to spend on their dresses, a wedding planner can help you through. Trust their advice, as they have seen it all and can help to guide you through any obstacle that might arise during wedding preparation.

  • Day of Wedding Assistance

On the day of your wedding, you’ll be more at ease knowing that your trusted wedding planner is in charge and has everything under control! They will be working tirelessly behind the scenes taking command of the various vendors, venue, and coordinating logistics all to ensure that everything goes off without a hitch. If any unplanned hiccup does arise, they will be the first one there to make sure it is resolved and you don’t find out! With the assistance of a professional wedding coordination you won’t have to worry about anything except enjoying your day and basking in your newly formed marriage!