Flowers are an important part of any wedding. From the bouquets and boutonnieres to the centerpieces and decorations, flowers play an essential role in creating luxury weddings. Because flowers play such an important role in weddings, it is important that you get the flowers that you want and that will complement the rest of your wedding decorations. So, how do you get the best wedding flowers? Here are 10 tips to help ensure that you are getting the best wedding flowers!

  1. Interview Florist. Just as you spend time researching and reviewing various other industry professionals, be sure to include floral designers as well. Set up times to meet with various florists to discuss your vision for your wedding, and make sure that they are on the same page. Talking to various florists ensures that you’ll be able to find the best one to execute your vision for your wedding.
  2. Shop Local. Flowers that are based on your wedding destination and date can not only save you money, as flowers that are in-season are less expensive, and it is also a great way to support a local farms. Another advantage to purchasing your flowers from a local shop is that you also will have control over the quality of the flowers that you are getting.
  3. Design a Twin. This is a great way to find a look that fits with your budget. If you love the look of hydrangeas but can’t afford to have this pricy flower used to create a dozen or more centerpieces, your florist will be able to help design a similar look with less expensive flowers that will fit within your allocated budget.
  4. Be Creative. When you think outside the traditional vases used to hold flowers for centerpieces, you’ll be able to create a completely unique look. Don’t be afraid to mix and match containers to achieve the look that you are striving for. The sky is the limit when designing the centerpieces for your wedding, incorporating anything from flea market finds to family heirlooms can create a one-of-a-kind look!
  5. Don’t Stop with Your Vases. If you are not a flower person, don’t force it and pretend just because that is what is expected for weddings. Try dressing up your floral arrangements by incorporating other elements, such as feathers, buttons, decorative wire, candy, seashells, branches, wheat grass, and more to achieve the “Wow” factor that you want.
  6. Pick a Color and Design Scheme. When you provide your florist with the flexibility to select flowers that will fit with your colors, you might be surprised with what they can come up with! A great florist will be able to create cutting-edge designs within your budget when you provide them with specific colors versus “must have flowers”. This allows for them to show you how you can switch out some flowers in place of others, saving you money!
  7. Double Duty. Stretch your floral budget by having your flowers serve double duty. Use your floral arrangements from your ceremony as decorations at your reception as well. This will help to keep costs low and help to achieve a cohesive look and feel between the two events.
  8. Include Greenery. Incorporating foliage into your floral arrangements is going to take your flowers from amazing to exceptional! Not only will foliage with different textures help to take your arrangements to the next level, it is also relatively inexpensive which can help to stretch your budget even more.
  9. Make it Personal. Select the flowers that you want to use for your wedding for a reason. Do you have fond memories of a specific type of flower? Perhaps you and your fiancé have a specific flower that you both are fond of. Flowers should be selected for a personal reason and not just for the color.
  10. Bring Examples. In order for your florist to accurately create the floral arrangements that you want for your wedding, you are going to need to clue them into your style and vision. Create a “vision board” that you can bring and show that includes color swatches of your selected colors, or desired color scheme. Also, include pictures from magazines and websites that show the style and overall feel that you are striving to achieve for your wedding.

When designing the perfect flowers to complement luxury weddings, Sisti & Co. knows how to achieve stunning arrangements, while being mindful of your budget. Sisti & Co. can help you to get the floral arrangements that will complement your wedding style and leave your guests in awe! Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you with all of your wedding floral arrangement needs.