Sunday. The day before the work week begins. 

As the end of your weekend looms in front of you, does it evoke the usual pangs of sadness, dread, and despair? Does it cause you to stay in bed a couple of extra minutes, trying to soak up the final, fleeting minutes of your so called, “freedom?” Do you catch yourself striving to leave a permanent indentation on the couch as a last ditch effort to relax and enjoy your weekend? You know this feeling. Regardless of whether it is the final day of your much-needed vacation, or a secluded weekend from a stressful job, you might feel a bit down. 

For a lot of brides, you could say that’s exactly how they felt after they’ve tied the knot. Once the leftover cake has been eaten, and the bags unpacked from the honeymoon, life begins to settle back down, and that’s when it hits: #postweddingblues . Contrary to popular belief, this is a real thing that not just brides, but couples can definitely experience. When you think about the mania surrounding weddings, it’s not hard to see why the inevitable anxieties about guests’ comfort, crazy dieting rituals, weather forecast-stalking and etiquette concerns alone would make many brides want to elope instead of dealing with all of the insanity. Believe it or not, post-wedding melancholy can definitely be averted, and just because your wedding is over doesn’t mean your marriage is too!

A great way to prevent these feelings, or at least lessen the sense of disappointment, is to plan past your wedding. Planning out events for the future is a great way to continue looking forward to the coming months. Plan a mini trip for the weekend with your spouse. Book a cooking class with another couple. Take the opportunity to refresh your home. Add a coffee table with your plethora of gift cards, or go on a hunt for the perfect piece of wall art together. If you’re financially exhausted, what about starting that scrapbook you’ve been putting off? Gather together your engagement and honeymoon photos, pour a glass of wine, and relax. Give yourself a break, you deserve it. 

Another thought-don’t keep these feelings from your spouse. If anyone should be open to listening to your fears and thoughts, however silly they might sound-it should be them. That is, of course, one of the reasons you married them!

Despite what Instagram might show us, we will not be 100% amazingly happy every day of our lives. Some days we’re anxious, some days we’re full of energy, some days we’re just plain sad. These feelings after a major life event are completely normal, so take the extra time to bond with your spouse and talk about the incredible events of the past, but also use these as a building block for your future. Remember, every Sunday is followed by an exciting Friday!