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 the Sisti legacy

Hi there! I’m Kimberly Sisti.

Wedding coordinator, event stylist, floral artist and the legacy of a family of incredibly inspiring individuals.

My great-uncle Tony was many things (boxer, teacher, patron), but foremost he was a beloved artist. Overflowing with creative passion, his life was his masterpiece and he threw himself into every detail.

Growing up, I was lucky to be surrounded by stories of his epic adventures.

The years he studied at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Florence, Paris and Munich. The art gallery he opened in New York. The time he travelled to Congo with Ernest Hemingway. The boxing match he arranged in Rome to finance his return home. The famed portraits he painted for President Franklin D. Roosevelt, New York Yankees manager Joe McCarthy, Benito Mussolini and Fiat Motor Company President Giovanni Agnelli.

The past blossomed in my young mind, moulding me into an eager vessel for art and storytelling.

 then came the romance…

Long before I was born, my father, Michael, fell in love with photography. As a teenager, he spent every spare second in Great-Uncle Tony’s studio and soon became a well-known photographer in my hometown of Buffalo.

To date, he has photographed over 2,300 weddings. That’s a lot of wedding cake … and even more romance.

You could say that I caught the “wedding bug” from my Dad. His studio was filled with the “old school”; massive volumes of invitation suites, and what seemed to me an endless variety of bridal albums and magazines of what was “en vogue” at that time.

As a child, I would reverently examine the bridal albums, watching how my dad catalogued the most important parts of the day. The expressions on guests’ faces when they saw the bride walking down the aisle, the stunning backdrops of vows being taken, the joyous farewell at the end of the night … I so yearned to be a part of this process somehow.



was, and is,

my Destiny.

The signs could be seen from the very beginning. At my eighth-grade graduation ceremony, I was named “the next Martha Stewart for Weddings”. As a teenager, I plastered every inch of my bedroom of my bedroom in pictures – but not of boy bands or movies …

In the days before Pinterest, you could have walked into my room and seen a living moodboard with fledgling artistic concepts devoted to the atmosphere and details of weddings I adored. I took every floral and art class available to me as a high school student.

… And then I went on to earn a B.A. in Classical Studies with a focus on Ancient Greek and Latin language. The plan, despite what destiny had in store for me, was to become a professor of Ancient History. 

Then one day I realized I didn’t want to teach history. I wanted to share yours. As it’s being made.

Today, I channel my artistic legacy into full-service wedding coordination, event styling and floral design that makes your love story and special day unforgettable.

I believe it is my honor and duty to keep our family name in the art industry. And even if the exact art is different than my predecessors, it conveys the same feelings and principles:





Offering you an inimitable artistic experience etched from my heart to yours.


Artistically orchestrating a masterpiece worthy to host your most beloved memory.
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