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“If you are considering working with Kimberly, stop thinking about it and DO IT!!! Kimberly is AMAZING!! For a couple who had no idea what kind of wedding they wanted Kimberly was able to create a wedding beyond our wildest dreams. All she had to go off of was our budget and the 2 colors we wanted. Once she got to know both my husband and I she took off and created a masterpiece! I am telling you now, let Kimberly do what she does and she will not let you down! She is 10 people inside of one little spit fire! She does flowers, bakes desserts, coordinates everyone and designs everything for the ceremony, cocktail hour and reception. I do not know how she does it all, but it was such an awesome experience to work with her, I hope one day I can work with her again!” – Theresa, 3/30/18

Rooted in a deep, ancestral legacy of art and storytelling, Sisti & Co. specialize in marrying thoughtful wedding coordination with refined event and floral design to paint a moving masterpiece for you, and only you.

No need to frantically juggle multiple providers and suppliers (giving yourself a migraine in the process). Just hand it all over to us and spend your time on the important things: like appreciating and enjoying every single moment of your love story.

 Our Wedding Coordination:

 ~Full-service event planning before and during your event.

~Event supplier management.

~Event style curation, including a tailored collage with custom color palettes, themes and artistic design made just for you.

~Bespoke floral design using local and imported blooms

~Professional stationery design and creation.

~Wedding cakes (Kimberly bakes to die for vegan and allergy-friendly wedding creations!)

We Might Be A Perfect Match If…

~ You love our past work and want to create something uniquely special for your wedding day.

~ Your idea of wedding day perfection is one-part art, one-part style and completely sans stress. Good news: There’s a reason we’ve been called ‘wedding event artists’.

~ You don’t have time to plan your wedding. Leave it to us-we’d love to help!

~You appreciate the little moments-and details- that make up your special day and want an experience-driven wedding that focuses on the enjoyment of your guests.

We’ve got a magic paintbrush-in the form of years of professional experience and expertise- that can turn your dreams into an event your loved ones will gush over for years to come. 

How We Can Work Together:

full service wedding coordination

that elegantly eliminates the stress and hassle of your wedding day.

wedding event styling

that lovingly transforms empty spaces and blank canvases into your one-of-a-kind romantic masterpiece.

custom floral design

that artfully evokes the style, tenor and essence of your love story. 

All three services work in harmony to capture and create the little moments and details that will make your special day one to cherish forever.

Curious about the Sisti & Co experience?

Come and explore our creative process.


Artistically orchestrating a masterpiece worthy to host your most beloved memory.
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